Creating PAyPal payment links not buttons

Hi all, I want to sell merchandise on my site but I do not want to use the horrible paypal buttons, or indeed create ay nice ones of my own.

I would like to use a text link instead.

Is this possible?

All advice appreciated.


This is possible. you can create your own buttons.

Just use the link url with a text link rather than an image.

Whether Paypal allows that I have no clue.

I would like to use a text link instead.
Well, you can use text links but then you will have to put together some JavaScript to submit the form because ultimately you are going to need to post the data to the PayPal server. Why don’t you just create your own button and use that to submit your form?

You can create a URL for each “add to cart” button using the following format:

You would need to put the email address of your PayPal account where it says “YOUR_EMAIL_HERE”. You can include additional variables such as shipping and handling charges, using the same variables you would have included in the FORM for a button. Just make sure to separate each name=value pair with the ‘&’ symbol. If you need to include spaces or special characters you’ll need to use the appropriate code in the URL - for example, you would use “%20” instead of a blank space:

If you want to have a “View Cart” link, you need to use “display” instead of “add”:

I gather we cannot create encrypted button in that way. Thus that data we send over to the paypal becomes vulnurable to outside threats. Does this severely affect security of the transaction?

Thanks very much for this paypalrb - great!