Display full screen flash behind html content

Hi guys. I want to be able to display a video in the background (full screen) with some html content over the top. I can get html content to appear over flash, but Im looking for a way to display full screen flash video. I dont want to host the video on-site, so will need to use YouTube, Vimeo or another video solution.
Is this possible?

Depends on what you mean by ‘full screen’
If you mean using flash’s in built full screen method that fills the screen with no browser chrome, then when this is activated all you see is the swf content, not any overlaid html.
If you’re using an external video source then you can’t activate full screen automatically anyway.

If you mean ‘not using flash full screen, just expand the video player to fill the browser window’, then this is a bad idea as the resolution of most online video will be a lot lower than the screen resolution which will require processor intensive rescaling, and will be pixelated.

Also, the fact having the whole page jumping around in the background could be considered a distraction from trying to read the overlaid text, I’d think the bounce rate for your page would probably be quite high