5 k links in a day

Dear all,

i have seen in webmasters today that have got 5000 links from SolSie / The Lighter Side of Technology in a day . i have not yet done any blog commenting from this site . but i am getting too much links in short period of time . i want to remove this backlink to my site Please Help. my SERP has down from last 8 days i was on first page 1st page on 8-10 keywords but now i am not in TOP 100 pages :frowning:

waiting for Quick Reply .


If you haven’t placed your website link on this site then how is getting you backlinks from this website.You can contact to website owner or webmaster to remove your link from their website.Try to do quality link building.In SEO quality matters than quantity.

Where abouts on that page is your link? What’s your URL?

I need a lot of links for my new site, but I can’t find any relevant sites for my <snip/> website that will get me 5k links.

If I was a conspiracy theory nut I’d think someone was trying to get you knocked out of the SERPs…

I think some of your competitors want your site SERP down.

you need to mail webmaster of this site and tell them to remove links from there suites

Contact to the website admin and ask him to remove your site from the list. And also do inform to google webmaster.

COuldnt anybody do that to harm a competitors site?