How many of you know someone who has a mobility disability, e.g require a wheelchair etc.

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That’s rather an odd question to ask, especially in a community of web devs. Perhaps you could give some background here - explain why you’re asking, and why you think this is an appropriate community to ask.

I’m involved in a technology school project. In this project I am attempting to create a product to help with the disabled. To complete my research market page, I would like to conduct some primary research to see how many people are related or know someone who is disabled so that I can conclude how big of a problem this is.

Ok, but I think you’ll need to rephrase your question to get any meaningful answers.

Do you only want to know about wheelchair users? Or would people who use crutches/walking sticks also be of interest? What about those with mobility problems who don’t use any aids? To get a clear picture, you need to ask a clear question.

You might also consider creating a poll, to offer different options. You’ll find instructions here: Forum Posting Basics - #14 by ralphm

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I am involved in a school technology project where we are creating a product to help someone with a disability. I have chosen to help people with mobility disabilities, for example paralysis. I wish to conduct some primary research, which is why i have create this poll. I wish to know: how many people do you know who are disabled and require the assistance of a product to help them, for example a wheelchair or a walking frame.

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Thank you.

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