Directus creates folder instead of collection

When I go in Settings > Data Model, and click on + , to create new collection.
Sometimes it creates collection, and thus, in Content, it shows normally, so I can insert items we need (and is user friendly).

But most other times, it just creates folder.

Is it because I create it with Big first character ?
Like, if I insert “Data”, it makes it as folder.
And if “data” then collection ???

Have… you asked the Directus community on their site?

they don’t have any community forum

They do have a Discord community:

They also have a Support system, and a General Inquiries system… all of these things were found by just clicking on “Resources” at the top of .

It would be better to ask such a specific (and yet entirely vaguely worded) question to those that have a better chance of understanding what you mean. Telling a random forum dedicated to general web development you click on Settings and go to Data Model just leaves… i’m going to assume 99% of us… scratching our heads and asking things like “What Data Model? What’s a collection? What does Content contain? What is this?”

It seems like you’re experiencing an issue where Directus creates a folder instead of a collection when the name starts with a capital letter. This could be due to a naming convention in Directus where capitalized names are treated differently.
Try using lowercase names for collections, like “data” instead of “Data”. If the problem persists, consider checking the documentation or reaching out to Directus support for further clarification on naming conventions and best practices.