Directory name in non-English

I like to make a new directory in Korean language into my apache server with the code below


But it doesn’t create the directory.
How can I make the directory in my mother tongue.

Hi, joon1!

I’m leaning at you should use common web language when you build a site because not all characters are correctly interpretated in all file systems. More info at:

But regarding your question; Make sure the server is using an encoding that includes Korean syllables like UTF-8. Then know that there are some characters that is used by the system and not permitted in naming in the particular file system too.

A side note:
When I look at the coding (I often do) of Asian websites I can’t recall any site that used native language for the html elements, nor in the file paths of the sites.

So I think the standard naming in websites is the English names for classes and elements and also for files and file paths, e.i. directories.

Though there are many times I’ve got files from other countries and often Asian names cause problems on my side, like it cannot open until I renamed the file. :slight_smile:

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