Warning:totally noob

So here’s the thing.

I have a small site that needs SEO for a very competitive local market so i want to do something like this

html page: www.domainname.com/location.html to something like this: www.domainname.com/localarea-localcity-information/
localarea-localcity-information will be written in greek.
The same goes for the other pages.

Where do I start? Can you point me to right direction?

Thank you in advance!


Have you read the tutorial Article linked in my signature? It’s been available for members since I started as the Team Leader in here - years ago. It’s the basis for the sticky thread on this board’s page, too, so you have plenty to start with.

The only difference is that you’ll need to treat your Greek characters with special care. I believe that you can define character ranges using Greek characters in the same way as with the Latin characters. If not, you can either list them in a character range definition OR use (.*) or, better yet, one of its siblings like ([^./]+).



Thank you for your reply!

Ok, I’ve accomplished what I wanted to do with mod_rewrite for the english version of the web-site without any problems. easy enough.

I have problems in handling the greek characters in the url. When I try something like domain-name.gr/όνομα-πόλης apache doesn’t recognise the characters. Any ideas? How do I define the character set?

I would think that your server already has enabled your language (AddLanguage el .el) but look in the httpd.conf for the line referencing conf/extras/httpd-languages.conf and make sure it’s enabled THEN that the AddLanguage line is also enabled.

As for mod_rewrite, I believe you’ll have to use character range definitions to match Greek characters (or the match everything codes referenced above).