Digital sales, PayPal alternatives and discount periods

Alright Guys

I am very much new to this site, and I’m in a little bit of a pickle at the moment, and was wondering if anyone could help me out please??

At the moment I am in the process of setting up two websites. The first website is going to be a membership site, where people where people will pay me a fix amount per month… However I am thinking of offering them a discount/trial period for the first 7 days then charge them the full amount per month. So for example $1 for the first 7 days, then $11 per month… Needs to be done automatically.

The second website was going to be a type of deal/blog where I am selling informational products such as ebook/videos…

I know before I ask a lot of people will say PAYPAL to me, but I can not USE IT AT ALL… So I need to know what else is out there that can do what I want… I don’t know if I need a merchant account, or just a payment proccessor…

I am not a proper business… Just someone who wants to start an online business, if that make sense…

I am wondering if there is anything else out there that can do the above, plus also allow people to pay via paypal as well, so all the cards, and paypal if possible,

Thanks in advance…

Hi byronwells. Welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

There are tons of shopping carts out there other than PayPal that you can use, including some that specialize in digital sales. One like FastSpring springs to mind, but there are many others. If you google “sell digital products” or similar you’ll find many options.

In terms of discount periods etc., I’m sure there are some ready-made solutions out there, but I don’t know any off hand. You’d have to check with each service / ecommerce CMS to see what functionality it includes if you aren’t going to code this yourself.

Alright there I’ve already got memberspeed membership script/software… What I am mainly after is something that will take them the payments like how paypal does…

Selify is very easy to setup for digital sales.

But what are they exactly? I mean are they like clickbank?? Or are they a payment processors? That I can incorporate into my own membership script, website?? Do they allow MRR products??

Have you checked their website? Often such sites try (but fail) to give all the info you need, but you can usually contact them to get clarification of what they do and don’t offer.

I’m not looking for a ecommecre website… I am looking for the part that does all the payment side of thing… I have already got a membership script… I just need something that I can use to accept payments. Like you can use paypal for ebay and on other websites, they are a third party processors

OK, so you basically need a “gateway” service along with a “merchant” service, which often are two separate things but sometimes are bundled together (as with PayPal). Does the maker of the membership script suggest any gateways that it is readily compatible with? Often they are geared towards certain services out of the box.

What stage have you gotten to so far? It sounds like you have a website with a cart, which gets the required info from site visitors with the help of the script. Somehow the collected data needs to be sent to a gateway service. That’s why I’d expect the script and/or cart to have a bunch of gateways it is compatible with. (Just fishing for info here. This isn’t my area, but I’ve had to investigate it a lot …)

I’ve got the memberspeed script/software… As long as the gateway comes with an api like paypal does you can use whatever gateway/merchant account you want.

Looking at their docs, it seems they also support 2CO out of the box, so you might check them out:

Some refs:,34,34,34

Anyhow, what’s your issue with PayPal? The advantage of services like PP is that you don’t have to have separate gateways and merchant account, which often are very expensive. Not sure how 2CO works, though.

Sorry but I have already spoken to 2checkout and they do not allow digital downloads anymore

I have been banned… 2 years ago… Now they don’t wanna know anymore… So need to find something else

I would suggest you contact memberspeed and see if they have suggestions for what to use. TBH, their site is a bit of a mess and not very clear on how to use it.

Another option would be to look at a different script. ExpressionEngine is a nice CMS that has add-ons for things like membership, and they are very clear on what what you have to do to make sales. (I just mention ExpressionEngine because that’s what I’m familiar with. There are lots of other CMSes, like Drupal and WordPress, that I’m sure have similar options.)