Difference between HTML and HTML4,5

I am confusing with HTML, HTML4, HTML5, etc.

Please anyone help me with this. Which one I should learn first. I want to be a web designer. What to do me first?

HTML has a number of versions. HTML 4 is the current version. HTML 5 is the new version that is in development but still subject to change as it isn’t finished yet.

Most of the sites on the web are written using HTML 3.2 and while the people writing them use a doctype that indicates that the page is being transitioned to HTML 4, very few of the pages have actually been updated to HTML 4 even though HTML 4 has been the current version since 1997.

As HTML 5 is basically HTML 4 with extra tags added (many of which are only there to ensure that browsers continue to support HTML 3.2) the best place to start currently is with HTML 4 (use a strict doctype to indicate that you are not transitioning from HTML 3.2) and then you can add the useful HTML 5 tags when necessary.

Agreed. There are plenty of good books around on HTML4 / XHTML that will give you a good grounding in HTML. Then take a look at what version 5 offers (while remembering that parts of it are still changing and evolving).

HTML 5 is the descendant of previous HTMLs. We are now using ver. 4 but that that is expected to change if ver. 5 is “fully completed”. I’ve seen and played HTML 5 games and I say this future version is very promising. It promised to do away with external plug-ins (i.e. Flash) to ran certain programs and make the content flow more fluid and better visual rendition.

So the term it’s not “difference” in a deeper sense but an upgrade.

HTML5 tends to get the credit for that, but it’s really browsers that are advancing with new APIs—which are accessed by JavaScript—that makes stuff like that possible. That doesn’t really have much at all to do with HTML5, IMHO.

HTML 5 is an updated and latest version of HTML. It’s much similar to HTML. But difference is HTML 5 contains much better support for media such as, an audio and video tag.

HTML, HTML4 and HTML5 are the different version of the HTML. HTML 5 is the latest and most advanced version. In HTML 5 you can add audio and video file within the html codes. These features are not involved in the HTML 4 and lower versions. So don’t be confuse.

With HTML 5 the standards have given up on trying to improve HTML by completely removing obsolete tags because even though there were a lot of tags flagged in 1997 as obsolete and to be removed in HTML 5 most of the pages on the web still use those HTML 3,2 tags as even after 16 years the people writing many web pages have failed to comprehend that those tags were scheduled to be removed and so keep creating new HTML 3.2 web pages that use them (using an HTML 4 transitional doctype to indicate that the pages are supposedly in the process of being transitioned to use HTML 4 through the replacement of the obsolete tags - even though they are not doing that). So in HTML 5 all the HTML 4 deprecated tags that were supposed to be deleted have had their status downgraded back to obsolete (since deprecated means obsolete now and to be removed in the next version).

The problem is that the standards are written to say what browsers should support and not what people writing web pages should be using. There are lots of HTML 5 tags that are there simply so that HTML 3.2 pages don’t break when people use those obsolete tags that were needed for Netscape 4 and Internet Explorer 6 rather than the correct ones supported by more modern browsers.

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