HTML5 differences

What are the differences between HTML5 and HTML 4.01? Is it supported by any browsers yet too?

HTML 4.01 is fully normative and supported by all mainstream browsers. HTML5 isn’t and is still in experimental stage:

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SitePoint needs an HTML5 sticky, despite its DRAFT nature.

It’s 0.99 better!

Just to add, when will I need to learn HTML 5?

Not for at least another five years or something. Maybe 2020.

I thought, it’s okay start upgrading knowledge but may be draft can be changed. The buzz seems to be growing.

hmm, just curious :slight_smile:

which is better between xhtml 2 or html 5 ?

which is better between xhtml 2 or html 5 ?

Not sure what you mean. No browser supports XHTML2. It’s dead.

I’ve to read a post from this site :

But until I’ve finished read it I still confused which is should I learn now?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the future of XHTML

Basically, the W3C saw the WHATWG getting all this attention with their HTML5 and realised they’d better drop the dead parrot and get on the winning horse.

HTML5 does borrow some things from XHTML2 (like roles), and used more backwards-compatible solutions to problems (xhtml allowed hrefs on many elements; HTML5 lets you just wrap anchors around blocks).

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thanks, now I understand …