Learning HTML5

Hi guys
I need to know what is deferent between HTML5 and other older html version?
and what is the best resource to learn HTML5?

and what is the best resource to learn HTML5?

Ive heard good things around this forum about HTML5 doctor.

Stephen is right, HTML5 is still in draft stages and is not ready for production code yet. However you can follow the proposed changes by checking out what the WHATWG and W3C are doing on both of their sites.

You can test many of the proposed features in Safari/Chrome and Opera, and some are also available if Firefox. I’m not sure if IE has made a move to adopt any of the new elements yet, I think IE9 will - but that might just be more geared towards CSS3 than anything.

Google for ‘html5 differences’.

Google for ‘html5 resources’.


The biggest difference is that HTML 5 is still just an early draft of proposed changes to HTML. As such it isn’t actually a standard version of HTML yet but instead specifies a number of potentially useful additions to HTML along with a number of others proposed fixes to problems that will have disappeared long before it becomes a standard and which therefore probably will not be a part of the draft once the problems they are proposed to fix have disappeared.

Perhaps the best resource for learning the HTML 5 standard would be a time machine so that you can jump forward to when it has become a standard to see what it actually contains at that time.

The implementation of full CSS3 will not be for this year or next year. First the browsers IE7-8 need be updated to version 9. However, somebody may create a javascript sollution so that those browsers will support it to.

HTML5 is not yet implemented. and for waht you are waiting for CSS3?

I’m on my first phase learning this html5, can’t wait till all browser fully support this along with css3

In regards to the differences (as it’s an unfinished standard), you may find this useful:


As for learning the subject, if you can’t hold off until it goes final, you might like this:

It’s only 85 pages but covers pretty much all the essentials you’ll need :slight_smile:

For starters, you can take a look at http://www.w3schools.com/html5/html5_reference.asp

A good book to consider is http://diveintohtml5.org/

Hope that helps :slight_smile: