Developing for mobile

I’ve got an increasing number of requests for Mobile sites lately. While the basics are not difficult, the thing that concerns me is cross browser testing.

Can anyone with mobile development experience provide some guidance on which devices need to be supported and what testing methods you use?

Thanks E

You can test in Opera mobile by opening up Opera and hitting View>Small Screen
Here is an iPhone Emulator
Sticky-CSS for mobile Sites.

Other then that there aren’t really any ways to test for mobile unless you have the actual device :).

Not entirely true Ryan, there’s plenty of emulators about for stuff like the Blackberry, OpenWave, Nokia devices (et al) if you do a Google. However the main problem is that getting them to look alike on these devices is next to impossible. My advice would be to follow the recent trend of having a slimmed down design (and slimmed content and images) placed in a subdomain of and point mobile users to that. It ensures a great mobile experience for people on lesser devices which don’t support modern web standards and the iPhone’rs of the world can just use your normal website (if it works in Safari it’ll work on the iPhone, just the browsing mechanism slightly changes). Mobile web design is much alike e-mail, you can’t trust that your complex design will work. :slight_smile:

PS: And the CSS media type “handheld” is proof of this, only about 10% of mobile devices actually recognise it and some others will use it only with other aids like CSS3 or the “screen” fall-back mechanism, it’s one big mess which only seems to be solved with a mini-version of the site for the less fortunate. :slight_smile:

I find those emulators aren’t actually accurate, at least from waht I have done. I may have tested bad products though so who knows :).
Mobile web design isn’t TOO much like email…email doesn’t support a lot of CSS so you’re basically forced to resort to tables to achieve columns…mobile web design isn’t perfect but it’s only really a smaller screen, though there are mobile differences from screen (CSS wise) :).