Coding for Iphone, Android etc


I’ve just been asked whether I test my sites on mobile devices like the Iphone, to make sure that it works across different applications…and seeing as I haven’t got access to an iphone the answer is obviously no.

Does anyone know whether using standards compliant code is enough to ensure the mobile phones etc will render the page correctly?



Hi Jon,

This question was asked the other day so you should fine the information you need in this thread.

We also have a sticky thread that should be of interest but there is a lot to read.

The short answer is no you cannot guarantee that your page will display ok on mobile devices just by using standard code. However unless you are specifically designing for mobile sites then it’s probably not worth the effort of trying to do do much as they all vary so much.

Read the above posts for a better understanding.

There is also a short sitepoint article here for the iphone:

Excellent, thanks for that.

The only guaranteed way to ensure your site will work across all mobile devices is to have a separate web design (with reduced amounts of content, smaller images, no columns, etc) - essentially a whole new minimal design separate from the main site and have that as the main “portal” for mobile users. Trying to make your existing site mobile friendly is (to lack of a better word) impossible - in the sense of making a modern HTML email using CSS3 and JavaScript kind of impossible. I’ve yet to find a decent iPhone emulator for Windows (though Safari is probably as close as you’ll get) - unfortunately the one Apple provides only works for Mac and costs $99 as it’s part of the API, for Android though, there’s an emulator: :slight_smile:

The one I got for the mac was free (iphone sdk 3.2 - unless they’ve started charging now) and is an almost perfect rendering of the iphone with special keys to mimic one and two finger scrolling and other features.

It’s part of the developer package and you have to register as a developer to get it and the iphone simulator is just a very small part of a massive download but well worth the effort - especially if like me you don’t even own a mobile phone.:slight_smile:

You don’t own a mobile phone? :eek: Paul… I know you’re from Hampshire but there’s no need to perpetuate the cycle :lol:

We can’t get a signal here as we are in a bit of a valley which means it’s pointless me having one as no one could contact me. ( Actually I lied a little bit :slight_smile: I do have a very old pay and go mobile which I leave in the car. I topped it up with £10 5 years ago an there’s still £9 left on it :slight_smile: )