Determine target hardware phone for Android Studio

I am looking for an inexpensive Android phone where I can test
the Java code that I develop using Android Studio.

Question: Is it easy to port Java code to the phone “Motorola XT1022 Moto E” from Android Studio?

I own a “iphone 5s” and want to purchase an Android phone
without being locked into a 1 or 2 year agreement.

I have programmed using Mac, Objective C, on an iphone.

Now I want to do the same using PC, Android Studio, and specific phone hardware.
I am looking for target hardware (phone recommendation) to run my code.

Thanks in Advance

Hi @Thomas_Hauck you don’t need to port Android Studio code to different devices. Any Android phone can be used for testing, you just connect it with a USB lead and the IDE will guide you through the rest of the process.

Really the ‘best’ devices are the Nexus devices, but Motorola are perfectly fine.

Hi Chris,

Thank you for your reply.
I acquired a Motorola Moto E running Android 5.1
I am able to communicate with Moto E using INSIGNIA Micro USB cable from PC Laptop.

Question 1: When you say the IDE will guide you through the rest of the process,
do you mean this IDE ?

Question2: Which low-end "Nexus: device would you recommend for Android Testing?

Thank You,
Tom Hauck

Yup, that’s the official Android IDE now.

You can get hold of a cheap Nexus 4 or 5 these days pretty easily :slight_smile:

Thank you for the useful information.

Best Regards,

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