Mobile Development - What's Best

Hi All,

I’ve not been posting for a while as I have been doing lots of other projects.

However, I’m currently working on a new project that involves development of a mobile phone OS. I’d like to be able to create my own OS, that uses some features from the Android Operating System.

I was wondering what application is best to do this with?? I have downloaded Eclipse but is this the best program to use.

If anyone has any experience of working with Java for mobile devices I’d be really interested to hear you’re advice.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Eclipse is fine. You can also try Netbeans or Jetbrains. I personally like Netbeans. Android development is probably more suited to Eclipse but the others aren’t far behind it.

Great stuff thanks for this

You also might want to look into Google Web Toolkit. That is a java to javascript sdk and they have superb integration with Eclipse via a plugin. Makes for good mobile development.