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Hi all.

I have coded the main logic of my web page. Now i need to align everything properly so CSS comes to play here. What i want to ask is, is there any software that can help me align things properly, more like drag n drop way, or do i need to code entire CSS myself. I know my requirement is vague like what i actually want to put where, but just wanted to know your opinion. Any ideas how should i approach it ?

You may check out… hope this help

I use a lot of common screen resolutions for my conainer like 1024px width and align everything in it using % or Google Chrome’s align thing which is available in Canary.

[FONT=Verdana]The operative word here seems to be “properly”. Yes, there are “drag and drop” tools for building sites, but the code they produce is less than optimal. If you want it done “properly”, then really the only way is to learn CSS and do it yourself. It’s not so hard, and we’re here to help if you get stuck. :slight_smile:


On top of the aforementioned, there is another big, fat reason not to use drag and drop software, but to use some elbow grease instead of using the easy way out. If you ever want to change something, hand coded work will be many times easier to work with than wisywig rubbish. In todays www, the chances that a successful site remains static, are virtually nil, which means you would save a little bit of time now, but pay many times over later.

If your are not that much expert in CSS, i suggest to you check tutorials in, that would be really helpful to you.

[FONT=Verdana]I would have to disagree with you there. explains why.

There are plenty of good resourses available, some of which are listed on the w3fools site. You could try:
The SitePoint Reference is also helpful.

Well i am also just a beginner. The links you mentioned are also good. I also found them useful for my learning. Thanx

Well,CSS is the most important element displaying the design element of a HTML file…You can easily create or edit CSS using Dreamweaver the best HTML editor.It is easy to make out even for the beginners…The Dreamweaver tutorials available online are:

Notepad++ is also good for editing CSS and html files - and it’s free. It’s not WYSIWYG like Dreamweaver but for simple text editing, it’s hard to beat and has some good add-ins.

A lot of designers also use a standard css framework, its probably more efficient for a CMS website but you could still use something like that in your normal website.