New to web design need help

Hi everyone i hopping some body could point me in the right direction. I have had to give up work due a terminal illness and as i have all ways been interested in building web sites brought Ian Lloyd’s book Build your own Website the right way. which i’m half way through. I have built a web site before using a web design package where you drag and drop what you want on the page. But i wish to build from scatch using HTML & CSS. But i would really like to start a online shop using a dropship company and need help on how to set up a ecommerce site. Maybe there is a book or two i could buy to learn more any help would be gratefully recived and please don’t forget i am new to this and still learning at the right old age of 57:lol:

Welcome to the forums!

The best way to learn HTML/CSS is by doing it, and practising as much as you can. Make mistakes, learn how to correct them, and over time you should build up your knowledge. There are shedloads of online resources to help such as HTMLDog, and of course forums like this one!

For ecommerce that’s quite an advanced topic, if you want to get a shop online as soon as possible yoo could use an online service sich as , or get a developer in install a shopping cart system for you…