Designing a SiteMap

I currently have a SiteMap page on my site, However, I feel that it was poorly done. I basically used a free SiteMap generator to create this page. This page doesn’t even appear correctly when viewed in IE. Does anyone have any recommendations as to how I could create a more effective SiteMap? Is there a specific SiteMap generator that is recommended? Thank you in advance for your responses.

You could, of course, just do it manually, typing in the links like regular text. It might be nice to have a title you click on and a line or two about that part of the site. It’s up to you, though.

There are two kinds of ‘site map’—one that your site visitors will read, and one that you can submit to search engines (which tends to use special code that is not for humans to read). This looks like one for humans to read, so the ideal is to make it as clear and readable as possible. The page as you currently have doesn’t lke like much use to anyone, so I agree you need to work on it a bit!

The sitemap generator appears to be using the text from the title element of each page, so give your pages accurate titles of less than 70 characters composed to make sense to humans rather than a repetitive list of keywords, and regenerate.

Seek guidance in the SEO forum. Some techniques currently employed - the 4kb keywords meta on the Home page for example - may do more harm than good.

Thank you all for your responses/recommendations. This issue is now resolved!

if you use joomla cms for thin then you will get 100% good sitemap