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Looking for some help with Css Design. i found a design that i like and would like to get some help getting started. if someone can give me the basic outlines to design my website with CSS to look somewhat like this i would really appreciate it. My Css is a bit poor.
If i can get the basics i will assign the text boxes etc to the Divs…


This design seems to be built with Bootstrap. Anyway, you need a CSS framework (can be Bootstrap or another), but it’s really not a good idea to build a website css from scratch nowadays.

The best way to start is to learn how to build a responsive grid, then use the components (nav, form, …) to build your content.

Thanks for the Answer. So i am now going to learn Responsive grids. quickly googled it and seems to be the answer. I am trying to do CSS from Scratch and yes it is a pain. Hopefully the responsive grids will make it quicker and easier

Definitely the best way.
Bootstrap 4 is really a great tool, once you lean the basics you’ll see how powerful it is.
You can also easily find code editor extensions with completions & snippets (visual code, sublime text, …) which help to use components.

For css: the best way to customize Bootstrap is to use SCSS sources with variables (you can set your colors, font sizes, … anything) then compile.

It requiers some time to start, but it’s really worth.

Here are some examples of Bootstrap components & a color palette generator built with SCSS

Just to Clarify , i am coding using PHP , HTML and CSS - is using bootstrap the same or must i change some of my code aswell

Hi there johannesmoolman.

here is the nitty-gritty…

Six Simple Steps - How to make a web page


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PHP, HTML & CSS is the perfect basis.

Add jQuery if you need any animation. Bootstrap Javascript features require jQuery

Warning: there is no “quicker and easier.” There are no shortcuts to doing a website well. There are a lot of tutorials, sure, but the actual learning will take time. HTML, CSS, JavaScript — these all take time to learn. That’s why people hire others to do it for them. Good luck to you for trying it yourself!