BootStrap: Website Layout

Hey all, I just want to create a site in the similar manner using bootstrap.

  1. How do I make the text on top of the image. ?
  2. How do I make the navbar transparent. ?

Would you mind telling us how much experience you have with HTML and CSS? I ask because your two questions are fairly basic which suggests very little experience.

If you have never taken a formal course in HTML and CSS, I recommend that you do so. Our goal here is not to learn HTML and CSS for you. :thinking:

Show us your code and we will be glad to help you through a particular problem, but DO come with a basic understanding of how HTML and CSS work… and having read the Bootstrap documentation thoroughly. It is quite good.

Dude am pretty good at HTML, CSS and Intermediate in Bootstrap.

See this…

I want the navbar on top of the image. And I left coding few months back. I need to revise. I gotta project to do. Am sorry for that… I should start coding again.

As I said, please post your code in a way that demonstrates the problem (we call that a “working page”) or post a link to your test site so we can see and work with the code that you have written. We will be glad to help. But I’m sure you can understand that we cannot troubleshoot your image.


Sounds like you should be using a background image then and content can just sit on top as normal. It’s almost impossible for us to give further advice without you providing specific code.

As Ron said you haven’t provided enough information for us to work with other than that we just go and build you a page for free from scratch!

We are here to help you learn how to do it for yourself and we need to see how far you have got by yourself and where you are having problems which will tell us not only what needs to be done but what ability you have to understand the answers that follow.

The bootstrap documentation has many examples and templates similar to what you want so you will need to study a little bit more and then when you get stuck you can show us how far you got and then we will try to help.:slight_smile:


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