Design/build facebook business page

Hello all, (as ever, Mods feel free to move this to a more suitable thread if there is one).

I’ve to design my first Facebook business page and was wondering how I go about building/implementing it.

Do I write the markup as usual (in Dreamweaver) and then import it into Facebook somehow? or does Facebook have its own html editor for such pages?

Can anyone point me towards a link for this or give me the lowdown on how to start building these pages?

cheers all.

You build the the page as you normally would than add the static HTML iframe application and place an iframe on the page. It is really no different than anything else. If you can’t build a normally page thee is no face book magic to do so. It all standard stuff with an iframe linking to your page in the end.

You can build a really cool Facebook fanpage without any HTML. I built mine up (1,000+ fans, most which are pretty active) without any html. I created a landing page with PhotoShop and used an App to do things with it.

I didn’t use any tutorials to build my fanpage I just looked at similar fanpages for ideas. It’s really easy to build a fanpage, so give it a shot. Maybe I didn’t understand your question completely?

So if I’m reading correctly - I build the page as normal in Dreamweaver. Do I use external CSS and link to it on my server? Similar question regarding images - are they hosted on my server and linked to directly?

Also - could you expand on what the HTML iFrame application is - it’s not something I’ve used before.

cheers :slight_smile:

I tried to make me a professional facebook page but I did not have much to gain from it until today. I hope that in the future to bring more benefits, but I tell you from experience that you have to work hard on it if you really want to look professional