Day 5: The Great Photography Competition RESULTS


Lovely photo, Arwench! What were you standing on?

Very nice. Try pumping up your contrast in an image editor to make it even more stunning.

My only problem is that the story in the photo becomes more, “A boy and his dad,” rather than the whole group. The rest is sort of background for their story.


aha, the “tilt-shift trick”.

It doesn’t work out so well because of the distracting tree left in focus. How would it have looked with the plane of focus running up along the line of people instead?

I think a more straight-forward approach would have been more impactful. Or closer with a wide-angle to make the crowd look more swarming.


Nice one, capescafe. Good idea to get up high to see the depth of the crowd in this busy shoppingplace.

Good job.


hahaha, That sweetheart up close made this interesting. Could you have gotten all of her shoes in?

I’m liking the visible horizon past the restaurant. Makes me wonder what this place looks like! A better sky would make this stand out.


I get the feeling of, “A lazy Sunday afternoon.”



Nice one! I love how close and intimate this is.

Nice light on his face, I love his expression, and I hope I have cool eyebrows like this when I’m his age. Very good, jcwacky.


The “tilt-shift trick” again.

A little cheesy, sorry to say, because what objective does it achieve? It’s a little too much like doing an effect for the effect’s sake.

From where you were standing, you could have lain down the focus across the crowd instead, and gotten phenomenal sharpness all down to the back of the track.


Good photo of chaos, sbarrat. Nice, straight lines and a somewhat long exposure. If you’d used a longest exposure, you’d have gotten a nice feeling of motion here.


What a darling!

I love the feeling of it. Very photo-journalistic, and wonderful light/shadow.

Good framing and good idea to shoot so much space around her to scale down her height. The door gives a good reference.

Well done.


ah, vigano; You’re not in focus!

The shoes are in focus, but blurry because of a show shutterspeed. Secure your camera. Shoot multiple, in case your exposure or focus is bad. Focus on the subject!

I know you can do better than this.


That dog’s expression is priceless.

I like this, but a lower, tighter angle might be nicer. How about a closer shot of her and her dog? Have him on her lap, or have her holding him up.

Good work all around, and throughout the competition.

I have a difficult choice between Arwench, capescafe and jcwacky. simonnz’s is great but he won on a previous day, so is out of today’s running.

I’ll have to give it to jcwacky. Flipping through them all of my computer, I always pause a second on that face. The intimacy is great. Good going.


I choose jcwacky too, great capture!

congrats good shot I’m sure grandpa is as happy as you with that!

also I’d like to say Thanks Judge!

Thank you mystery judge :slight_smile:
I was standing at the top of the beach when I took this and had the camera on high zoom.
I’m always scared to mess with the contrast too much. I work with a laptop screen which doesn’t always give me a true image and when I see my pictures on a standard monitor they can look a little overdone. But I’ve taken your advice and increased the contrast a little to post on my flickr page so will compare it with this one when I’m next at work.

Wow, I won! My grandpa will be chuffed! Thank you very much! Congrats to everyone else too, some very nice photos!

Yes, hahaha, when I opened the photo first I laughed tears. She is just too precious. And no, I could not get her shoes in, she moved fast as a lizard and bumped into me. She might have been hard of hearing. I do not know. I have never seen her before.