Day 3: The Great Photography Competition

Completed your first two missions successfully?

You have 24 hours from now to plan your third mission.
In 24 hours time, submission opens. In 48 hours time, submission closes and the next mission will be announced.

Your third mission is to take a photo of ONE OF THE FOLLOWING:

A statue or bust OR

Images must be uploaded to this thread as attachments.

Images should be either JPG or PNG and should measure between 900 - 2000 px length for the longer side of the photograph. DPI doesn’t matter.

The Rules:


Photos must be shot between the time a topic is posted and the time of judging. Photos from five years ago are not allowed.

Photos must be submitted before midnight of the day.

Entrants may take part as many times as they like, but an entrant may only win once.

No goofy Photoshop effects or overdone photo-manipulation; Entrants are allowed to correct colour, contrast, and make minor tweaks such as removing litter or distracting objects from a photo, but no surreal colours or crazy filters.

[FONT=“Georgia”]Hi all. Just a heads up, time has ended on this day’s contest.



Agh, hope I made it in time…

I also like how you left your spray paint cans right there…just noticed that. Very cool pic.

@KamiQuasi…very cool. Looks like fun. There’s a graffiti wall at a park nearby where I live. I took photos of it too but submitted one of my statue photos instead. I was thinkin the same thing, I should go buy spray paint and paint something on the wall. Maybe that’ll be next weekend’s adventure. :slight_smile:

The free expression tunnel at North Carolina State University is full of graffiti ranging from the mundane all the way up to high art. It is a great place to see people express themselves in a medium that would otherwise be illegal elsewhere.

I know I had a great time tagging one little piece of the tunnel. I hope I get bonus points :smiley: .

Thanks for this candid capture, feels like I’m on your stairs. Would make a great editorial shot.

Mother and Baby seal.


This statue is directly outside our city hall. It was raining all day, but luckily at lunch the rain subsided for a few.

Ok…well I’m not sure which one to pick out of my photos. Here’s a pic of a statue (kids playing leap frog) down at the waterfront. I got up at 5:30 am to go out and take pics. :slight_smile:

Can I submit more photos and you just pick the best one? Sorry, I know you’ve explained it before, I’m just still not clear on that. I know you can only win once, but I can submit other photos?

So, your friend just happened to be carrying a gas mask?! LOL

I love the silhouette effect. The choice of angle adds a bit of tension. Great composition.

I can’t find a better word to describe it! Great job, Vigano.

jcwacky cool photo, perspective, clouds and silhouette.

Had to go out on my bike for this one. Had a bit of a panic when I got to the location, as I turned my camera on to discover I’d left my memory card in my card reader from the previous photo! Was about to resort to using my iPhone, when I found a spare on in my bag! Phew!!

Couldn’t look through the viewfinder for this shot as I was holding it so low over water, so had to take about 20 shots until I got the one I was after! I’m quite pleased with the result.

A statue on the coast

Hi all, also had a statue but it was my third choice.
Think I got too focused on the picture and lost track of the subject.

This is a statue on top of a tall round column. I guess about 30 feet tall. An angel of victory. A fleeting thought I had while looking up: do not look under the skirts – and then I just laughed.

Wow Vigano. Stunning :slight_smile:

I just really liked the Heron also. It’s sculpted from re-bar and then painted.