Dating/ Marriage site building query


I would like to ask you about running a Dating/Marriage site in my country/state

The marriage/dating sites in my country allows to search for profiles free of charge and charges a hefty amount for the contact details. They charge like 60$ for 3 months or 120$ for 9 months which I think is a little high.

  1. Are there any reliable providers of these sites. What I meant is like a forum provider.

What I would like is to not charge users for anything ( as of now) and probably depend on CPC/CPM and any other means of earning money.

All inputs greatly appreciated!.


There are many available dating/matrimony website scripts that you could use. One that I had heard of was PG Social Dating PRO. You could also use SocialEngine and make it adapt to your needs.


I don’t know if your looking to host your own. It seems that there are some decent open source scripts. One that I have seen good feedback is [noparse][/noparse] I am in no way aphiliated with this service/software, I just spend some time reading reviews and feedback.

The other thing I found was as PromptSpace had indicated, there are many paid and open source services and scripts available. Generally it is best to demo each online system and install and demo a cross section of scripts who’s features appeal to you. You want to keep in mind functionality as well as the ability to rebrand (to your own brand) capabilities.