How to create a dating site?

What if I have an idea for match site. I am not a graphic designer, nor do I know how to build a match site, what would you all recommend as a site to use to help build the match/dating site??? Someone told me that godaddy is the best, a one stop shop, is this the best idea?

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Are you talking about using GoDaddy’s website builder? I doubt if you would be able to use it for something as complex as a dating site, but I may be wrong; it’s not something I’ve ever used.

However, I would strongly suggest that you consider employing somebody to build this site for you. You will need to be able to keep members’ log-in details and personal information secure (and presumably also deal with subscription payments). It doesn’t strike me as the kind of site you can cobble together on a website builder and trust to luck.

so you would recommend hiring an individual? Or are there companies that do this? I’m afraid if I employ an individual they will just take the idea and build it for themselves.

i chatted with them they said godaddypro would be able to

Well, dating sites aren’t really a new idea, so I’m not sure you’d need to worry. But obviously, before you employ somebody - whether an individual or a company - you would check them out thoroughly, and ensure they are professional and ethical.

There are several free dating scripts around osDate being one. I don’t know how good it is now. Depending on your HTML, CSS and PHP skills it might be something you could install yourself.

I suggest you hire a freelancer to do the job for you.:slight_smile:


well you can easily use white label dating site which , you don’t need any graphics or programming skills , just marketing

I haven’t tried Godaddy, but I think that using a website builder is a good choice for you. Some of them are free, so it is possible to create your own site and save money. For the creation of my blog I used Wix and was pleased with the result as this website builder provided me with a great number of templates, and it allowed me to make my site look the way I wanted. Of course, you can hire someone who will do this job for you, but the usage of the modern web builders doesn’t require special knowledge and skills, so you can easily make your dating site by yourself. Good luck!

I’m not so sure, these may work for a simple site, like a blog, but something like a dating site would require a lot of complex back-end scripting and database systems. I’m not sure a free web-builder would be up to that task, unless they have greatly improved and I’m underestimating them.


I also have doubts about free web-builders. It didn’t work for me. But I found freelancers and they did this for me. Of course if you want to train, you can keep learning by yourself. But if for doing business - go to professionals

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You can just google a template (e.g. Wordpress) if you decide to build a website on your own.
Well, it doesn’t matter whether you hire a developer or do the job yourself, you may need to somehow accept payments and ensure security. You may also need a service that offers subscription payments. Usually these are payment processors or payment service providers, and there is a variety of them. The only problem is that your type of business (online dating) is normally considered high risk (probably because people are often dissatisfied and want their money back), and many providers reject it. Still, it is possible to find those which work with such businesses (I know two: Cardinity and Instabill).
Also, if you choose a payment service provider, you won’t need to worry much about payments’ security. They normally take care of it.