Social networking website

Hello everyone, I just ran into this forum searching for some help.

I know this is a ‘how long is a piece of string’ question but I’m trying to figure out roughly how much it would cost to have a website designed, similar to facebook but sort of more dating/social meeting styled… with possibly an application for facebook for that website, with mobile support…

I want the website to be integrated with google maps and facebook for people to be able to locate others by distance, and also maybe search or interact through FB profiles ect…
Thinking of having the app similar to the facebook for mobile app, with events invites etc on the application, but that will come after the website.

So far its just my idea, with a rough drafting of what tabs and content I want.

I had a look on Odesk there seems to be limitless contractors out there who can get this put together my only obstacle is trying to explain to them exactly what I want as I will not be able to sit down and discuss it face to face.
What steps do I need to take to get them working?

Im sure some of you guys have much better understanding than me so I’m open to ideas

I have an idea of how much working goes on behind the scenes of a website with coding, commands, programming etc which is why I’m a little intimidated by this and asking for help.

Thanks in advance for any ideas or advice :slight_smile:

It depends on your option and budget.

because building a social network is complex. Keep in mind that beside just building it there is ongoing costs too.

thanks guys, but which people do I need to do what?

I guess datingsitez already said everything but I strongly recommend hiring a staff to do the job. It would be easier for you, spc if you lease the right person to the tasks.

Hi, it depends on your skills, budget, and time.

You will need is:

  1. Social Networking Software
  2. Hosting
  3. Support and maintenance

3 ways you can do this

  1. Find a programmer and do everything for you from scratch, then find a web hosting.
    Pros: you get what you want (if programmer is reliable)
    Cons: expensive and risky to put all your money up front

  2. Buy an out of the box social networking software
    Pros: low cost to start up
    Cons: you can’t tell if the software is good or not? coding is clean or not? bugs? support?

  3. Rent the software that comes with hosting. It’s usually called Hosted Social Networking Solution or Application Service Provider.
    Pros: low cost to start up, hosting included, easy support and maintenance
    Cons: limited customization

Just my suggestions.


You could start with some of the existing systems out there for creating social networks.

There are a couple of good ones. I created one for our local Nanaimo Astronomy Society in Ning.

Another one is Buddy Press for creating social networks in Wordpress. I haven’t tried that one, but I have heard good things about it.

Its not only about budget but also about your idea and purpose of designing such site, I mean you easily get people how design such site, All you need to invest money, But first you need to be clear, what exactly you want in your site, Face book is neither a site of two to three web pages nor it is designed by a single person and gains its popularity in one day…
Everything require a preplanned approach for designing a big site or project.
So first define your problem domain well,
I mean just saying by this that you want to create a site like facebook is not enough,
So first be clear in your problem domain then only you get a good start in development

As mentioned earlier, you definitely need to define what you want. If you end up working with people remotely I’d suggest creating a requirements document, including examples of existing sites/functionality that you want to include, to minimize miscommunication.

But if you are one person doing this with a limited budget, once you sketch out your requirements, you should consider how to phase them in. As Ashley Wilis mentioned, Facebook wasn’t built in a day, so you shouldn’t expect to launch with everything at once. Be realistic in figuring out what you need to launch and start there.

One other suggestion - if you think you have an original concept that hasn’t been done before, I’d be careful about how much you share, and make sure you find reputable people (with solid references or work examples) to work with.

if you do something very similar existing in the market, your chances for success is slim.

if you have a unique idea, your only option would be having somebody build from scratch. all successful people had it that way. but the cost could be very high with this depending on where you get the developer from. in the usa it could be anywhere from 20-100 or even more depending on your features requirements.

if you are in the usa, give me a buzz; we can discuss more on this. (pm me for contact info).