Database backup problems: [ Directory '/etc/mysql/mysqld.conf.d' does not exist]

Hello there. I’m following through PHP & MySQL Novice TO Ninja, and have reached page 505 where the database backup procedure is described.

The book describes how to open and edit a configuration file. However I don’t seem to have that file, or at least not in the expected location.

I have tried looking for the file manually in Finder, which presumably should be at this path: /etc/mysql/mysqld.conf.d

The nearest mathc I can find is at /opt/vagrant/embedded/etc which doesn’t contain and further folders.

I did start reading an older version of this book initially which recommended the installation of MAMP, so I’m wondering if that has confused things.

Vagrant Homestead seems to work fine otherwise. (as does MAMP)

Any help or insight would be much appreciated.



That is different from the path given in your subject line.

So it is (or was as I’ve edited it). However the underlying mysql folder isn’t there either.