Mysql backup ninja vagrant on Mac

I use mysql/php on a vagrant server as suggested in PHP MYSQL Novice to Ninja 6th edition. I run this on a MAC with the current OS. Chapter 12 suggests using MYSQL Workbench’s export utility. However, when trying to run the utility, I get an error message: mysqldump version mismatch:

“/Applications/ is version 8.0.15, but the MySQL Server to be dumped has version 5.7.25. Because the version of mysqldump is not the same as the server, some features may not be backed up properly. It is recommended you upgrade or downgrade your local MySQL client programs, including mysqldump, to a version equal to or newer than that of the target server. The path to the dump tool must then be set in Preferences -> Administrator -> Path to mysqldump Tool”

Searching for solutions on the web - the solution seems to be to change the path to the dump tool, as suggested in the error message. However, I have been unable to determine what the correct path is on a MAC to the 5.7 version of mysqldump. Any advice? Alternatively, how can I update the MySQL server in a vagrant setup to version 8.0.15?

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