Customizing my 404 page

See my sample 404 page here. Why doesn’t the text “Well this is embarrasing, isn’t it?” in the attache screenshot of my current 404.0hp template appear on that page when directed to my 404 pages?

I don’t know if you have something going on that decides which is being used where. But at quick glance it looks like the 404 page is using the “danscartoons” theme not the “twenty-twelve” theme you are editing.

I see “404.php” when in 2012 theme but in screenshot, when in “DansCartoons” theme, no 404.php is visible

That seems odd. As long as there is a 404.php file in the theme folder it seems it should be showing in the ACP menu.

I am not sure…I will seek more help. Thanks for trying

Is the Dans Cartoons theme a child theme of twentytwelve?

yes WebMachine…it’s customized…I have a screenshot, but don’t think I need to show it

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