404 Page not fopund error


I Installed a wordpress in my host using a softacalous apps installer.When i use the site with default permalinks it is fine but when i change permalinks to custom /%category%/%postname%/ i get error in portfolio categories section check the link below


I tried changing .htaccess no solution

I want to test httpd.conf but i dont understand where to find it.

Works OK for me - have you fixed it?

did you go to portfolio page and clicked the side links did that work.i get page not found error.

When I go to the portfolio page and click on an image it loads, when I click artwork it is OK but the other side links do not work.

What is different between Artwork and the others?

artwork i have named image as artwork so it works but not perfectly .I want to find httpd.conf file and change settings but how to access that file any idea.