My category pages all turned into 404's

My index page: is OK, but why do all my category pages come up as 404’s? I have not done any new blogging or updated / tweaked anything new on the site. The pages looked OK about 48 hours ago…now they disappered. Any reason? Could I need to update my theme or a plugin? What caused this? Thanks.

also see all my urls via or a few are:

Did you use a .htaccess? If yes you did something wrong there.

This is why I am at a loss…I did not edit the site, tweak a plugin, blogged or anything. The site was propogating OK a couple days ago because I did access one of my URL’s by typing it into the address bar of my browser…but zero editing. I am wondering what I can do…should I contact my web host and ask to reset my site? I do have cPanel full backup. Or will that even work? I do know I need to update to a new version of WP, and a plugin needs updating (Yoast I think)…otherwise, I am at a loss (???)

Ask your web host if they’ve changed anything about the configuration of the server

Hi SpacePhoenix: Earlier today they told me this:

We are not performing any maintenance work at the moment. The server is stable so whatever issue you’re experiencing could be caused by something in your software or app.

Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance.

Thank you,
Tim D

I am at a loss…

Could it be I need to update the things I have red arrows pointing to? Thoughts?

All the 404 links for the “pretty urls” are missing the domain name.

Please submit the .htaccess file.

John do you mean show a screenshot here, for my .htaccess file? As for “pretty urls”, what does that mean?

The htaccess file is text, please copy the full contents between two lines of three backticks each on their own line and syntax highlighting should be shown.

Try a Google search for “pretty urls”

Try any of the 404 pages and prefix with your domain name followed by \index.php?

The htaccess should do this automatically to any unfound URLs

Added missing ?

also…I don’t need to update any of those which I have red arrows pointing to, right? It’s the .htaccess file…correct?

I found my .htaccess…copying the entire contents? Then between two lines…of three back ticks? Where are those “back ticks” and exactly what do they look like? I am not sure what any of that consists of. I am going to hire someone to look at all of this…my web designer is not even answering my inquiries. I appreciated your trying though

There is no immediate need to update any of the items with a red arrow.

Did you try Googling for “pretty urls”

Did you try prefixing the 404.php with your domain name followed by **/index.php?"

If the prefix solves the problem the the fault is with your .htaccess file otherwise it is something else.

Just copy and paste the .htaccess file between quotes.

The backticks are usually on the top left hand of European keyboards and look similar to an apostrophe.

If you do not try the suggestions and report back then your designer will be your best bet to solve your problems.

Hi @John_Betong, Seems the url problem is solved. All links are working now.

Yesterday I tried some of the WP internal links and they all worked, it was the pretty format of the menu urls that didn’t worked I think. Could that (that it was broken and seems fixed now) be done by the WP setup without admin interaction?

The “backtick” tip for code marking is hard to get, and on non English keyboard layouts the backtick is a combination key that takes two taps to be written out. In Nordic keyboards the backtick is on the top right and used with shift and another key e.g. space or itself twice.

That’s why I prefer to suggest the user to select the pasted code and use the </> button:

  1. for a selected word in the text line for an inline code box (gives one backtick before and one after for an inline code box), or:
  2. on a new line for a multiline code box (gives three backticks on an empty line before and three on an empty line after).
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I have very little knowledge of Wordpress sites.

I also noticed the links are working correctly.

It would help others if the OP shared the solution.

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I agree with you on this point. I would like to have the answer as well.
Having the same issue, please op Share.

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