Cursor in flash

can anyone tell how to create cursor in flash ?

first you would you create a movie clip symbol and put your cursor in there, it can be an image or any type of object.

next, put that movieclip on the stage, you can do this with code (addChild) or by hand

if you put in on the stage by hand, name it something here it will be called cursor_mc

now go to your code window.

you need a couple lines of code for this:

// hide the actual mouse cursor
// make sure that the new cursor doesn’t block your clicks
cursor_mc.mouseEnabled = false;
cursor_mc.mouseChildren = false;
// add a listener to make sure it follows your mouse
this.addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, function():void { cursor_mc.x = stage.mouseX; cursor_mc.y = stage.mouseY; })

that should do it

I want cursor with blinking and its shape like a leaf.

thank you very much really i’ll try this out.