Flash Script - Hide and Change Cursor Appearance

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is there a way to make your cursor, when you click your mouse, that it will play an aciton, like say striking a match, and moving the flame to a fuse?

This script is outdated in the later versions of flash the Action Script for hide mouse is now “Mouse.hide()”

Also, if you want your cursor to follow your mouse off the page you could try this:

// 1. Make a movie clip instance.
// 2. Copy the script below to the
// default layer keyframe.
// 3. Where it says “instanceName”
// in the code below
// put your new instance’s name.
// Thats it!!

function loop () {


I’m in need of flash script to change the mouse cursor on clicking the button , and i need the script for searching an object

How do I get my movie clip CENTERED on the mouse istead of just the top left corner being on it?

You need to edit the individual movie clip and make sure that plus sign is in the center. The default is the top left. <a href=“http://www.limit0.com”>Limit Zero</a>

i want to change cursor when it comes on a button

Do you guys think that is possible just via javascript!

This is great but as limit0 said the default is top left, make sure you center it. Anonymous I’m not sure how you can do that (never tried) but I’m guessing use a hover function and make the movie clip switch to frame 2 which will have the image you want.

mouse.hide(); does not work in Flash 8, the “m” needs to be capitalized: Mouse.hide();

mouse.hide(); must be > Mouse.hide();

in order to work

It isn’t hiding the mouse for me.

What about after the user right clicks. How can you re-disappear it?

Last Adobe’s update:

Posted by: Anonymous Dec 24th, 2008 @ 3:03 PM EST “It isn’t hiding the mouse for me.”

Use Mouse.hide() instead of mouse.hide()

You need to put a capital on mouse (in mouse.hide();)It needs to be Mouse.hide();.