Cursor - Arrow/Pointer conflict on IE

Hi guys,

After some deliberation, I have decided that I am posting on the correct forum.

I have installed a CSS menu which is awesome (from and I have a very strange thing happening to it in the presence of my adjacent flash movie.

Here is the link:

Jake Guy Homepage

Use IE 7,8, 9 , Please be patient as it may not manifest right away but eventually , you will see that when you hover over the flyout css menu links, the cursor begins to battle between the pointer and the arrow. Has anyone else had this problem before?

It does not occur when I remove the flash movie from the page.

Also, as I am a bit of a newbie to flash, can anyone recommend the safest most portable format to save my flash movies in to cater lets say as far back as IE7.

thanks very much


[SOLVED] please disregard this thread, the cause was a faulty Graphics Card