Flash margins and overlap

Hey guys,

Check out this link using IE:


I don’t know why there is a gap between the second Flash movie and the bottom of the css menu, only occurs on IE. Any ideas?

Also IE displays the dropdown part of the menu behind the flash movie. I am sure these are both simple problems but I’m only just starting to use Flash and would be grateful for any assistance.


yes i do observe some difference in my banners when i see in internet explorer ,Firefox.and chrome.what might be the reason for this

The gap issue is a css specific issue rather than a flash issue as such. I’d use swfobject to embed the swfs to provide more easily for alternate content (e.g a static image) for non-flash capable browsers.

With regards to the menu overlay issue please read this thread: http://www.sitepoint.com/forums/showthread.php?t=158317

Thanks again, that fixed it :slight_smile: