Cure my sugar addiction!

Yeah that’s right. WAY OFF TOPIC! The doctor said if I don’t change my ways I’m heading down.

I’ll cure it. My tip? Eat less sugar. :smiley:

Seriously, don’t eat pasta made with white wheat, don’t eat white wheat bread (so no toast and other plastic stuff), substitute candy with fruit, chocolate with self-made cocoa (without sugar), and read the ingredients on products when you shop. Oh, and do lots of exercise.

Hasn’t the doctor given you any instructions? There should be lists and wotsits to be had freely to get you started.

go hang out at a hospital for a few hours – sit in some of the waiting rooms for the various clinics that they have, take a look at the people around you

ask youself if you really really want to have health problems

then make a decision either to clean up your act or carry on and end up in big medical trouble

First of all, and the most obvious change you can make to your life; drink water. Soda and juice is the devil. As long as you have nice, cold water you’ll get used to drinking it.

Something I’ve recently started to do is to keep a list of nice, healthy meals I like in a text file on my desktop. When I’m hungry I just look there and find something that I’ll enjoy.

There’s also the obvious things, like hit the gym, walk more, stop eating out, and others that will help you if you need to lose weight, stop eating junk, etc.

Eat more fruits. If something is near by don’t take the car, walk or bike there.
What are you doing? Get down and do some pushups, or get some weights and lift.
If you’re hungry, drink some water and eat some bread - or some tuna, it helps.

It’s like smokers, you can tell them until your blue in the face but some even say there cough that sounds as if they are going to die is caused by 'Malicglonisy Disease"

Or Smoking is my God Given Right…to DIE !!! Then there is second hand smoke another toxic silent killer or Pot !!

Drink lots of water, that’s the best solution and no side effects.

Well this is going to be a little way off but Stephen R. Covey said something like “Assume you have a heart attack; now live accordingly”. In your case, simply assume you have a blood sugar count of 50! now live accordingly. ; )

Try fruit addiction instead. It’s way too healthy.

Not to be negative, but there is no cure. You have to suffer like the rest of us when we stop doing something that we enjoy.