Inserting simple HTML into Outlook

Can someone just give me a quick overview of how I’d translate a simple HTML layout into an Outlook email?

I’m fine embedding images and the like, but I can’t seem to place a simple tabled layout into an email.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks alot,

To insert html code in oulook you can either open the .html file in Internet Explorer and choose File > Send > Page By Email… or open up a new message in Outlook > Attach, browse to your .html file and select it > where it says “Open” you’ll have the option to insert as text, do that and it will insert the code for you.

sorry for digging this one up. but I have a similar question.

Ok, is there a way to have a “forward” text link in an email, so when a user clicks on it to forward the message, they load an external html page (on a domain) into the email. I’m trying to avoid outlook raping my div/css code (I know that the archaic tables format is accepted in outlook (using the word engine)…but man I hate that flimsy style of coding)…viva web2!

thanks for any help
Le Freaky