Creating video with PHP


I want to build a web application, an online video presentation maker, but I am not sure if it is possible and which way to approach it. Not necessarily with PHP if there is a better option, JS or something.

So, in my application the user will create slides with text and images, timing, audio and effects (if possible). The slide frames/elements will be in div section like a slide box in MS Powerpoint. Once all the slides are ready it will combine/render all slides and output as a video file. MP4 or some other format, maybe HTML5, that can be used on websites and on YouTube.

So, is it possible to do what I am trying to do and can you lead me in the right direction?

Thanks for any ideas and suggestions.

Eh, yes this is definitely possible but it’s going to be quite a challenge. Honestly, I would just cobble together some opensourced projects and work from there. This old SitePoint article has some great “power point”-like front end tools, and while I can vouch for reveal.js I’m sure there are newer ones out there.

As for recording, I know there are some HTML5 canvas libraries out there that do the job, but I haven’t used any myself so I can’t recommend any. The way they generally work is by sending each frame of the animation one-by-one to the server and compiling the video there using a server-side video library like ffmpeg available for your language/server stack.

Thanks for the reply. I figured that Flash would be a better option for what I wanted to do so I quit the idea because I am not familiar with Flash.

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