Interactive html5 presentations with audio?


i want to create interactive presentations with audio, for both the desktop & mobile. ideally using HTML5 if i can. but i can do flash & - if i have to - try & do native mobile somehow (would much prefer phonegap to native coding)

what i want to do is very simple, at least in terms of what flash can do. simply make interactive videos, or javascript animations that include sound. as an example, imagine playing a sound file whilst a bulleted list of info appears on a screen, a la powerpoint. & then giving the user the chance to click to progress to another screen which does the same thing all over again (again, just like powerpoint)

i’ve seen popcorn.js, create.js & soundmanager2, but without diving deeply into them i’m not sure whether they’ll work

any advice whatsoever is appreciated. at the moment i don’t actually know what i want to do is even possible

P.S: doing something with angularJS, jQuery, PHP or laravel is also an option (not sure if the last 2 are feasible but anyway)

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