Convert PPT to Flash or JPEG on server


We need CMS admins to be able to upload PPT presentations to a web site that will be converted to a suitable format for visitors to view on a web page.

I’m probably looking for server software that will convert a PPT to Flash while maintaining all the transition elements of the PPT.

If not, then a server PPT to JPEG converter will suffice.

Does anyone have anything on this?

This doesn’t belong in the Application Design forum. :wink:

Well, we are designing a web application using PHP, but if admin care to move this elsewhere more appropriate I won’t complain! :slight_smile:

You might be able to do something with open-office.

Check out S5. It doesn’t answer your question, but might throw a new perspective on your problem.

Thanks, guys, for your answers - doesn’t seem to be a server side solution for what I need. At the moment it looks like exporting PPT slides to JPEG and uploading those to the server where a PHP script generates a Flash slide show via XML… Bit of a nuisance for users.

Some handy server side tools here

Why not use PHP COM to convert PPT to jpgs or is that what you meant?

Thanks for the lnk.

PPT to jpgs is fine, if server-side.
Can you point me to more info re PHP COM?

info on COM

Code would be somthing like this

$powerpnt = new COM("powerpoint.application") or die("Unable to instantiate Powerpoint");
$presentation = $powerpnt->Presentations->Open(realpath($file), false, false, false) or die("Unable to open presentation");
foreach($presentation->Slides as $slide)
	$slideName = "Slide_" . $slide->SlideNumber;
	$exportFolder = realpath($uploadsFolder);
	$slide->Export($exportFolder."\\\\".$slideName.".jpg", "jpg", "600", "400");

Please note I’ve not tested this and don’t whether it works but hopefully should get the idea

I really need a converter without having PowerPoint installed on the server though…

Did you try with open office? You can run open office from the command-line (Use shell_exec from PHP to call it).

The commandline variant of open office is called [open office headless]( office headless)

OK, thanks. I’ll look into it.

I haven’t used them, but you could check out ASPOSE.slides.

They don’t offer direct PHP support, but you could use their Java version relatively easily.

did you look into it? if you did you would have found JODConverter and realized it is exactly what you are looking for.

The only solution I am comfortable with thus far (because I have used in the past) is using Sun’s “Open Office” in headless mode (on linux command line) to convert powerpoint presentations into SWF files.

We have to utilize JODConverter (which is JAVA based).

I’m 99% sure this will be the most desirable path, but we should certainly do some additional research into other solutions.

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