Creating Native Apps with Kinetise, a Promising New SaaS

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Kinetise is a SaaS platform for building complex mobile applications. It compiles native apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone from a single design and there’s no coding required – everything is achieved through a GUI.

Kinetise’s creators are keen to get you started immediately; the home page offers a single button that takes you straight to app creation. From there, you can start from a blank canvas, or walk through the Wizard tool if you want a demonstration of what Kinetise is capable of. Creative types will enjoy the sandbox feel of starting with a blank app, but there is a range of tutorials available if you need a more detailed approach to learning. If you use the Wizard, you’re still given the opportunity to tweak and customize using the full power of the Editor – you’re not stuck with a template design.

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$999? Count me out.

May I ask why?

It wipes out my profit.

Not reading all T&C, but question regarding licensing: so price is only for publishing? Therefore I can build app(s) for free, if I’m able to publish them by myself?

You can design as long as you want free of charge - you can show the web-preview to your friends, bosses, clients to get feedback and implement changes. Once you’re happy with your design, and decide to publish the app, you get charged.

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