Get Into App Business Within A Week

Building an app by yourself might be a quite tedious work. Because you have to come up with an idea, write it down, pass the idea onto a developer or programmer, coding the game, testing it and so on. And above that you also have to think out a way of marketing it which is all pretty enough to get you exhausted.

Tired of these long procedures some busy app traders started finding an easy way to minimize all the processes of building an app including the cost and to penetrate into the app industry. The solution that these people found was “App-re skinning” which means a short cut to building apps. There are several best platforms to build your own apps few of them are shown below.

  1. SellMySourceCode
  2. Chupamobile
  3. Sellfy :blush:

hey @parks_daniel have you used any of these to build an app yourself? Can you let us know which apps you built?

App reskinning limist you to the apps that are already implemented. If you want to create your own unique design, I suggest you use a solution like Kinetise (Disclaimer: I work for them.).

You can design the app once and it will look good across all iOS and Android devices. You don’t have to do any coding to make feature-packed, interactive apps, and the apps are cross-compiled to native platforms.

Check it out. :wink:

Ya… Jasmine
I had try this website for building application and my app work is in progress… I would share it with u once my app is ready to share…!!! :smiley:

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