How to create mobile apps

Please say me how to creat mobile apps.

Do a few google searches, read the articles/tutorials that get returned, buy a few books, and you should be well on your way!

Seriously, there isn’t a one solution for all and you didn’t even tell us which device you wanted to target. Android, Apple, Windows Phone, Blackberry?

There are literally millions of resources out there, try searching for “create mobile app on ____ tutorial” replacing the ____ with the device you want to target.


Thank you.

First of all there is a distinction between native and hybrid apps. I suggest that you start with hybrid apps unless your target is s specific platform.

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Thank you. kgun.

At what level of programming are you? That would give us a better response. If you have no programming yet, then start learning HTML and CSS if you want to build cross-platform apps (apps that work with Apple and Android devices, for example). Or learn Java if you want to develop just for Android devices, or Objective-C or Swift for Apple devices.

Once you learn the language(s) for your platform, you’ll need to learn to use the software that packages your code. For instance Apple provides Xcode (only for a Mac) to build iOS apps, Android devs use Eclipse or Android Studio, and some hybrid devs choose PhoneGap to deploy their apps across several platforms.



As said there are many platforms available here just have a look at this Various platforms for building apps which may help you with some idea on building apps.

Hope this helps.


if you dont know coding you can also buy source codes and create your own apps…that woudl be much easier and not at all time consuming…


Ok suppose I use Ruby on rails And want to create a hybrid mobile App for iPhone And iPad. I have created a full Working App And hosted it on Heroku. So Working knowledge. Which gems are interesting for me to look at?

You can do native apps without coding in Kinetise. (Disclaimer: I work for them.)

You can try the editor without even registering (and download an test app on your phone as well, it will just expire in 24 hours if you don’t upgrade it), so give it a try. :wink:

Before starting to develop your first mobile app, It is required that you must have unique ideas and paper work where explains your needs and core features. When your final layout is ready, you should hire a designer and developer to give the final shape of your ideas. Once your final application is prepared to launch and goes live on the app store, you should think about marketing and introduce its core features to get positive feedback from the users.

Perhaps, but apps can be made for personal use, too, or for a small group. Not everything is for the app store. :slight_smile:

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Hi @titu103,

it’s a complicated question no one describe in some words because it is broad topic included different platform such as iOS (iPhone, ipad), Android, Unity,Windows, Blackberry.
so just think in which platform you want to go after that you can refer many books for specific platform or any institute for learn coding of mobile apps.

You must learn the basic about programming.Then you will be able to creat any types of mobile apps.

Thank you for giving ideas

Thank you.

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