Creating Cover Photo


I have a selection of images that I want to merge into a cover photo for Facebook - is there some online website that you could recommend that would assist me please?

I know I could achieve what I want on Photoshop but it isn’t affordable at the moment.


merge into a cover photo

That is a bit vague; a better description or an example would help.

But by coincidence I am working on a site to combine photos in various ways but it is not ready yet and again I do not know what effect you are after.

I tried Googling for the phrase “create photo montage” (which I think is what you mean) and found plenty of results. I haven’t tried any of them, so I can’t recommend one over another, but the ones I looked at were all free, so you can just try them and see what you think.

Thanks - perhaps if I had searched for photo montage that might have helped!!

I’m great at knowing what I want and being totally unable to think of the right search terms to find it, so don’t worry. :slight_smile:

If you find a good site, please post back for the benefit of anybody else with a similar question.

I would have suggested you photoshop for your question bt photoshop is not affordable to you.
So, I would suggest you to use photocollage or picasa for merging your images into a cover photo.