Create Slideshow with Fade Transition and Navigation


I am trying to create a slideshow like the one on this site:

However, I would like to use JavaScript and CSS instead of Flash. I would be super grateful for any suggestions on how to do this. I am currently using the InnerFade plugin, which works great for the slideshow part, but I can’t figure out how to integrate the navigation; I’m not even sure where to start! :slight_smile: I’m open to starting over from scratch and not using InnerFade.

Thanks for any help!

There are lots of jQuery plugins for this sort of thing, such as:


Look for “jquery sliders” and “jQuery carousels”.

Another script for you to peruse is Dave Shea’s jQuery slideshow. It isn’t a released plugin but he allows people to adapt it (see quote below) and you could add some fading transitions to it.

What I like about it so much is that it is one of the very few jQuery slideshow scripts that is unobtrusive and works regardless of whether a user has Javascript enabled or not.

You can see it in action on his portfolio site.

The script

Nice link, Maleika. I hadn’t seen that one before (and I’ve been making a collection). Likewise, I always check a script to see if it degrades well before keeping a record of it; otherwise I just ‘throw it back into the water’, so to speak. The AnythingSlider I linked to degrades nicely too.

Wonderful! I thought that I had searched exhaustively for slideshows, but obviously not; I hadn’t come across either of these before. :slight_smile: I will give them a try and see what works. Thanks so much!!!