How to add "navigation" to my slideshow?

I’m a jquery newbie. I’ve never written jquery stuff on my own, just bits from tutorials. So what I’m trying to achieve is integrating 2 different slideshow features in one. I have a transition slideshow with corresponding divs (textbox1 with image1, textbox2 with image 2 & textbox3 with image 3). What I would like to do is add clickable links that the user can click on to take them to each slide I’m hoping someone could take a look at my code and give me a suggestion on how I can do that.

Basically, here is my unfinished slideshow: click here There will be 3 separate image backgrounds.

The idea I had is based on this: click here
What I’m currently using is based on this: Elements with classes: click here

Here’s what the boxes will look like: click here They’d have to be inside every separate text box.


Why don’t you use the code and example from which you based the idea on.

That had fadein/fadeout plus the links you desire.

You just need to tweak css/html to place the elements in the correct order.

But answering to your question the plugin you are using is picking all the child elements of your “.fade” DIV, changing their properties and not assigning any kind of class/hook to this child’s, therefore you cant change it unless you modify the plugin itself, but would defeat the purpose of using a plugin right.

After chaning some css this is what i have got(based of

I would suggest to try it this way as with your current plugin you will have a hard time to accomplish what you asked.

good luck