Newbie Javascript help needed: innerfade.js

Hi all,

I’m building a site for a friend’s photography business so on the home page I just want to put a repeating slideshow embedded into the page.

I’ve done quite a lot of looking around for ‘slideshow’ scripts but these all seem tailored towards running a slideshow from a gallery or similar and allow the user to click through photos, go back, skip etc etc

So, I think i’m more interested in using a simple script like ‘innerfade’ - just to give a nice simple transition between images.

I have two questions though:
First is that I’ve only ever implemented one jscript so far (lightbox for the galleries on this project) and it came with pretty comprehensive instructions. Can someone point me in the direction of a tutorial to implement ‘innerfade.js’ - I can’t find anything basic enough for me!

Secondly, can anyone give any pointers on additional effects that can be implemented using innerfade because if I can get it working I’d like to experiment a bit or are there similar jscripts I could use that do similar things?