CPX Payment for September Revenue?

Anyone received payment from CPX for September revenue ? I heard they switched to a NET60 payment term. That would mean payment at the beginning of December, no ?

I’ve sent them a number of emails. Someone from there told me around the 15th of November that I would get paid shortly but then nothing came through. And I’ve been waiting all this while. Anyone else in the same boat ?

I got paid for both march and yesterday for april.

Got paid for March. I hope you too )

nothing here still…

Still no March payment, 2 weeks late

Anyone got paid for latest payment (March payment) yet?

Did you get it? I am waiting for September payment too. I have sent them several emails asking when the wire transfer sent out, but still no reply yet.

Nope, still haven’t got it. But I received an email from Samantha saying that they would be sent out by the end of the week. I swear, I removed CPX ads from rotation in the middle of October due to the myriad payment issues.

These guys are really falling apart… =/

We are on same boat now. I will update here if there’re any news from CPX.

I already got my September payment on November 20, 2009 through Paypal

I just got wire transfer for September earning today.

Yup, same here!! Got the wire today =)

CPX does pay on time, i received mine too.

I used them before but I never will again.

Why not? Did you have bad experience with them? Please share your ideas and experience…

yeh i got paid

anyone receive their october pay?

Yeah I got the wire two days ago. : )

anyone receive any payment this month from cpx?..

Nope, still havent recieved anything. No response to emails or anything. We got dropped by them a couple weeks ago but they said they will still pay what we are owed. At this point I kind of hppy they dropped us because I actually went out and found alternatives that actually have a set pay schedule unlike CPX who seem to pay “when they feel like it”