Anyone receive cpx payment this month?

anyone receive cpx payment this month?

I just checked and the last payment I got was June 23. They’ve stopped paying publishers or something?

no one?

I have not got payment from cpx for july 2011.

same here. They told me they will start issuing payment from last week. But, I am still not seeing any payment yet. Lets keep this thread open until someone receive a payment…

I have not recieved mine this month. anyone got his?

anyone got paid this month? anyone still using them?

I read on other forums as well that they were not paying. Looks like they will close soon…

I hope they pay us before they go out of business

just got a reply

August revenue is scheuduled to be release mid Nov

so lets wait and see

they say they pay net 45 but they actually pay net 75

i have to chase them and run after them for the payment every month…

Not, at least I to now have not received

you mean to say that I have to chase them as well or will they pay everyone on Nov 15th

I have yet to get paid… anyone got paid?

still no money… anyone?

video4u… did they pay you? i have removed their ads untill i get paid

just got mine. practically they pay net 90

What is cpx?

CPX interactive is an adnetwork
if you are asking what cpx stands for then:
CPX: stands for cost for a thousand per anything (cpm, cpc, cpa, cps) it’s a term created by CPX interactive