Newbie to GIT and need some advice on how to connect and do initial setup?


So I’m attempting to get GIT fully setup on my server and integrated with Trac. However I have a few questions concerning the initial setup. I have a dedicated CPanel CentOS server. I’ve never used any type of SVN before, so i’m still trying to wrap my mind around the concept to make sure I do the initial configuration correctly.

The end result is I want to be able to connect to the remote server using a client GUI so both me and my partners who are located in different locations can access the repositories.

So I managed to have GIT installed on my server. I created an empty repository via SSH connection into my server:

root [/home/mydomain/public_html/git]#  git init
Initialized empty Git repository in /home/mydomain/public_html/git/.git/
root [/home/mydomain/public_html/git]# git add .
root [/home/mydomain/public_html/git]# 

However I’m not sure if I initiated the GIT repository into the proper place.

I want to be able to use multiple repositories as needed. With that said, should I have done the above commands on a subfolder of the GIT repository instead? For example: (in the project folder)

root [/home/mydomain/public_html/git/projectfolder]#  git init
Initialized empty Git repository in /home/mydomain/public_html/git/projectfolder/.git/
root  [/home/mydomain/public_html/git/projectfolder]# git add .
root [/home/mydomain/public_html/git/projectfolder]# 

Basically, I want to make sure I do the initial setup properly so I won’t have an issue adding more repositories down the line. At the moment I’m sort of confused as to what is the proper way to go about this.

Thank you in advance.

Okay I seem to have greatly confused myself and assumed too much with very little knowledge.

Right now I have GIT on my server installed with Redmine. I now understand how to create projects via GIT, and I also understand how to make the projects public so you can access them.

However since I never used SVN, I took what I thought was knowledge from the brief references I’ve encountered over the years and assumed too much.

I was under the impression, and I may be right or wrong… that with SVN you can take a SVN client to connect to a remote SVN server to check-in/check-out files. I never had to do this before, so I never looked much into it and it looks like this is not exactly how it works lol.

So for GIT, it’s installed on my remote dedicated server and I have the repository where you can publicly access it… but I have no idea how to utilize it so me and my partners can work on development work.

The GIT clients I was able to test out, seem to only work if I have GIT installed locally and to manage local files. There is no way to connect to a remote server to check-in or check-out files.

So with the above said:

  1. Do me and my partners need to have GIT installed locally on each one of our machines?

  2. Is there any way to go about working with the files on the remote GIT server, without each of us having to go in through shell? Since a GIT GUI client would be much more convenient…

Past few weeks I’ve been working on multiple things, and I think my brain is at the brink of melting because of everything I am attempting to teach myself is such a small time span.

Thank you in advance for any comments, advice, or point to the right direction.